Our worship is inviting.

Visitors are welcomed and invited to participate along with the congregation as concerns and joys are shared. We use inclusive language so that no one feels excluded. Our communion is open to all without respect to creed or membership.

Our worship is inspiring.

Through scripture, music, art, and literature, we learn about and are inspired by the relationship between humans and the Holy across the broad sweep of history. A children’s message recognizes and values children, and often informs adults as well.

Our worship is challenging.

We come to participate in a community challenged by the call for a more just society, one consistent with our understanding of the Gospel—to love our neighbor as ourselves. We leave worship to work together with others in the community toward a vision of a more generous and just society.

You are invited to be inspired and challenged by our worship at 10:00 am every Sunday!


On our YouTube channel, you can watch as it streams live at 10:00 AM or come back later to watch the video.